I was diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA in early 2016. Before starting cryotherapy I was always tired and aching. I was on multiple medications and still barely able to get through the day. Cryotherapy has helped me in so many ways. After a session I have so much energy and my body feels instantly better. If I don’t go I can 100% feel the difference. Cryotherapy definitely has helped me with maintenance of my chronic pain disease and I have even been able to stop taking my restless leg medication! If you have pain from inflammation and are chronically tired I highly recommend trying cryotherapy! It’s helped me!

Megan W

The owner is a class act and super responsive. If you’re even considering it, just GO. It’s hard to think about spending the $$ for the few minutes if you’ve never done it. Once you go 3 to 4 times you’ll never question it again. Totally worth it.

Brandi Marino

We went in there the other day and my wife got the treatment. The staff was absolutely amazing and very friendly. My wife felt very comfortable going through the procedure. I would highly recommend anyone going to have this done. Actually looking forward to doing it myself.

Daryl Wells

I had my very 1st experience with cryotherapy, and I was very satisfied with the treatment and the owners were very friendly and knew what they were doing. I will definitely be back often! Thanks again, so glad we have this in town

Gabe Hawkeye

I just had my first visit here and I plan on going again this time with my wife. I suffer from chronic pain and this treatment beat a hand full of pills and standard physical therapy all to hell. Try it, it works.

Charles Farr

I have degenerative arthritis and need hip replacements. I have a hard time working let alone walking. I’ve done this twice and it’s amazing how I feel afterwards. It’s makes the pain manageable and I can actually move. Awesome place, owner and a great office assistant in Carl (the dog) lol.

Robert Lumbert

They are well educated and share knowledge in terms you can relate to. Excellent service and real results. I lost 2 1/2 inches from lower abdomen in 3 cryoskin sessions!!! Highly recommend this treatment and Mindy is an expert with this application!!!

Lisa Edwards
Visalia CA

Love Cyroskin 2.0 Slimming! I previously tried cool sculpting on the same area, and I have gotten better results with Cyroskin in 2 weeks than I ever did with cool sculpting. Procedure is easy and painless. You’ve got to try it!

Marisa Balch