What’s cool (well, actually quite cold) is that you only spend a maximum of 180 seconds in the cryotherapy chamber. As Whole Body Cryotherapy, your entire body is in the chamber, yet your head remains outside the unit. Once inside our innovatively designed octagon chamber, you’ll experience subzero temperatures created by nitrogen-chilled air, with chamber levels dropping to a range of -130 to -190 degrees Fahrenheit. Nitrogen is being introduced at -301 degrees negative Fahrenheit, but is being controlled to safe and tolerable levels.

So, what actually happens?

The extreme cold you’re exposed to triggers the skin’s sensors, which activates a response from your central nervous system. In actuality, the body “thinks” it is freezing and goes into survival mode, delivering blood to the core and cranimum  to protect your brain and vital organs. There, your blood collects oxygen and nutrients, and when you step out of the chamber this oxygen rich blood flows back through the body and your extremities, flushing out toxins and boosting circulation. This is truly rejuvenation happening at the body’s cellular level.

So, how often do I need it?

This will help you to feel a significant difference in the way your body feels and show you the power of cryotherapy. After this, we recommend 3-4 times per week for maintenance. We offer different packages and memberships so you can continually visit us for cryotherapy.

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